West Palm Beach Police have partnered with a forensic security firm, SmartWater CSI, with a view to cutting down crime across the region.

Over 500 packs containing unique SmartWater forensic liquid will be distributed to selected neighbourhoods, with a potential for even more neighbourhoods in the future.

Police Chief Sarah Mooney said: “SmartWater will not only cut down on the number of burglaries in the city but also help get the community involved.”

“It’s important to put something out in the field that will help the citizens be able to help us,” says Mooney. “People will be able to feel more confident and safe that if they are a victim of stolen property, it may be just a matter of time before it is returned.”

SmartWater is a forensic liquid that contains a unique chemical code that when applied to valuables makes them traceable back to the original owner.

The liquid is near invisible to the naked eye but can be seen under ultraviolet blacklight, which is how it is detected by the Police.

This programme comes after Riviera Beach started using SmartWater in July 2013, and Boynton Beach later that year.

Within a month of introducing SmartWater, Riviera Beach police arrested a man in a covert operation. 39-year old Allen Hatten broke into the ‘trap’ car and was arrested at the scene after being picked up by covert cameras installed in the vehicle. In addition, a SmartWater forensic spray system concealed within the vehicle was also triggered, spraying the offender with a unique forensic liquid.

After being scanned by offiicers using ultraviolet blacklight torches, traces of the forensic liquid lit up all over his neck, arms and clothes – providing an irrefutable link back to the crime scene.

The West Palm Beach Police department is placing signs in police stations warning people who are being taken into custody, that they too will be scanned for SmartWater as they are being booked.


On Monday 24th of September 2018, SmartWater CSI claimed the prestigious award of Outstanding Security Equipment Manufacturer of the Year. The winners of the US Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) were honoured at a networking lunch where 3,000 security professionals gathered to celebrate outstanding performance. The awards were presented at Global Security Exchange (GSX) in Las Vegas.

Founder of the OSPAs Professor Martin Gill said “The security sector plays a vital role in safeguarding us all and it is encouraging to see so many individuals, teams and companies nominated for an OSPA.”

The OSPAs reconginse and reward companies and individuals who have performed at an exceptional level across the security sector. The OSPAs are designed to be both independent and inclusive, providing an opportunity for outstanding performers, whether individuals or companies to be recognised and their success to be celebrated.