SmartWater has partnered up with West Mercia Police in a bid to prevent Severn Valley Railway being targeted by thieves.

The station at Bewdley and surrounding track have been affected after being targeted by thieves, which has had a negative impact on the day to day operation of the railway. In order to prevent this from happening, Police Crime Commissioner (PCC) John Campion has donated a supply of SmartWater, which is similar to that used on homes within West Mercia, to this much-loved tourist attraction. SmartWater is well known and feared by criminals, 74% of offenders will actively avoid businesses that display SmartWater signage.

PCC John Campion said: “I was extremely saddened to hear that thieves have been targeting this heritage railway, particularly when it is having an impact on its running services. Other railways are similarly being targeted across the country, and I would like to make sure that our area isn’t one of those that is suffering.

“This railway is run by a great community that I would like to support and, in return, help guard against thieves and damage to the service it runs.” SmartWater conforms to the highest possible standards of robustness and is guaranteed to last a minium of five years if applied as instructed.